NY brewpub in trademark fight with the Evil Empire of Lucasfilm/Disney over their beer ‘Strikes Bock’

Come on, Disney (now owner of Lucasfilm)… can’t you just be nice for once?

It seems that Empire Brewing Co. in Syracuse, New York, went to get a trademark for a beer they’ve been brewing for 7 years called ‘Strikes Bock’, but Lucasfilm is opposed to it!

This strikes a nerve with me because Disney had Twitter take away my original Twitter account name (@TheLionKing) by saying that I said disparaging things about The Lion King (which anyone who knows me would tell you that I would never do). So, Twitter gave me this name instead (@TheLionKing_) which was a HUGE difference!

I’m backing the Rebels (of Empire Brewing Co.) in this fight with the evil empire of Lucasfilm/Disney!!!

Get the details here:

May the Force be with you, Empire Brewing Co…. ALWAYS!

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