Short’s supporting Fermenta (a women’s craft beverage trade group) at the MBG Summer Beer Festival – It’s About Thyme!!!

I found out from MyBeerBuzz that Short’s Brewing Company is supporting Fermenta, a trade group for female craft brewers, by releasing ‘It’s About Thyme’ at the MBG Summer Beer Festival.

I’m a big supporter of giving any craft brewer a boost no matter who they are, but this group is important. More diverse brewers make for more diverse beverages!

Find out more about this effort by going here:

And if you’re going to the Michigan Brewers Guild Summer Beer Festival, hit me up on social media (I’ll be there both days!) Maybe we’ll go try this beer together…

I’m back in college because of beer… sort of…

While perusing one of my favorite homebrew forums,, I found a thread about an interesting online college course that had started after I read the post:

CHEM 4970 – Chemistry of Beer

It was being hosted by the University of Oklahoma, and it was FREE if you’re not looking for college credit. I hoped that the course would be run again, and was excited to hear that they were running it again starting on August 18th! I just enrolled in the course!!!

I’m hoping to learn a lot more about the beer making process, and maybe get more comfortable with enrolling in online college courses.

See you all at the Delta House! (TO-GA! TO-GA! TO-GA!)