BrewDog’s ‘Equity for Punks USA’ coming in May 2016

For those of us here in the United States that didn’t have the opportunity to get in on ‘Equity for Punks’ like those in Europe will get our chance this May!

I’ve been a fan of BrewDog for quite a while. I love their TV show ‘Brew Dogs’ on the Esquire Channel. The crazy things that James Watt and Martin Dickie do in the pursuit of making great beers makes me want to be a professional brewmaster even more. Who knows? Maybe someday I’ll be lucky enough to brew with them!

Equity for Punks USA is a program that will allow anyone living in the US to invest in BrewDog USA, and “…help fuel the craft beer revolution as we combine Europe’s most explosive craft brewery with the world’s most exciting craft beer market!”

Read more about this program by going here: .

Get signed up to learn more information by going to .

Looking for something for your beer-loving sweetheart? Look not further than Michigan Beer!

This is the time of year when everyone puts out a list of beers for Valentine’s Day. Some match candies and beer, while others go with ones that complement (or contrast) your romantic meal.

The Michigan Brewers Guild put out their list… I like this one!

The Sweet Taste of Michigan Craft Beer

What do you think, honey?

Shorts Brewing Company now selling outside of Michigan, breaking ‘Michigan Only’ promise

According to an article I found on the Metro Times website, it looks like Shorts Brewing Company is dropping its ‘Michigan Only’ promise and will start selling its beer in the Chicago area and in Pennsylvania.

I feel that this is a smart move for the organization, as it allows them to expand their market and to keep up with the very tight craft beer market. This also allows those of us Michigan beer lovers to brag even more about what makes Michigan beer great!

You go, Shorts, and congratulations!!!

MBG released the Beer List for the Detroit Fall Beer Festival 2015

DFBF15Looks like the beer list for the MBG Detroit Fall Beer Festival is out! Check it out HERE!

Ping me if you’re interested in meeting up while there! I’ll be there both days!

What beers are YOU looking forward to most? What’s your prediction for ‘best of show’?

#DFBF15 #MIBeer

I made the news (sort of) about MBG Winter Beer Festival!


I guess it pays to blog…

On my other blog (The Pridelands), I posted back in 2006 that my best friend and beautiful wife, Jennifer, and I were attended the Michigan Brewers Guild Winter Beer Festival in Lansing, Michigan. It was the first year that they were doing a winter festival, and I remember having a great time (after a ‘false start’ or two).

Garret Ellison from saw it and contacted me to see if I would answer a few questions. Any time I can talk about Michigan beer and the Michigan Brewers Guild, I love it, so I agreed to talk with him.

He wrote a great article about the 10th Anniversary of the MBG Winter Beer Festival, and I hope I did Michigan beer and the Guild proud!

Ironically, I had to give up my tickets this morning for Saturday due to a personal conflict. I was hoping to attend Friday’s session as a media person (I DO have this blog after all), but I didn’t request a media pass.

I apologize to Garret and for my ‘Brian Williams’ moment, but I had all intentions to attending…

Cheers to my family and friends! I hope you all have a great (and safe) time in Grand Rapids! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to the MICHIGAN BREWERS GUILD for 10 FUN AND TASTY YEARS OF FREEZING MY BEHIND!!! (You’re the only reason I’d go out into the snow and cold!)

By the way, the tickets for Friday’s session is still available! Get your tickets NOW by going HERE! ($45 in advance, but $50 at the gate (if still available))

Founders Brewing Co. announces KBS Week – March 9th – 14th

Founders KBSFounders Brewing Co. (link) announces a week dedicated to the release of what has been rated by many as the best beer in the world… KBS or Kentucky Breakfast Stout.

Residents and visitors of Grand Rapids will begin to enjoy this incredible beverage with a week full of events from March 9th – 14th. It is being distributed starting March 30th.

KBS is an imperial stout brewed with coffee and chocolates that is aged in oak bourbon barrels for a year in the caves beneath Grand Rapids.

Last year, Founders made an event of the release, which included special happening in and around the Grand Rapids area (which was at that time named Beer City USA) to much success. This year, they kicked it up a notch. Starting Saturday, February 14th at 11AM ET, they’re using EventBrite to allow you to reserve a spot to pick up bottles of KBS in the Founders Taproom. That magic ticket will allow you then pickup and pay for your bottles from March 10th – 14th. Proceeds from the EventBrite reservations will go to Grand Rapids Whitewater.

They’re also hosting tappings in or around GR at various bars from the March 9th to the 13th, with a main tapping on the 14th at Founders Taproom. You can even enjoy more of Grand Rapids with KBS Week hotel packages with some area hotels!

Get details of all the events and links to everything by going to

I hope to be there… Hope to see you all there too!